domenica, luglio 06, 2008

"Ninjiin Loves you Yeah!" (ニンジーン Loves you Yeah!, "Ninjiin Loves you Yeah!", "Carrot loves you yeah!")

Today I saw this video of the new anime "Macros Frontier". I can't stop to sing it in my mind.
It's so Kawaiiii (pretty) !!!!

Carrot Loves you yeah!
Vocals: Nakajima Megumi as Ranka Lee
Lyrics: Ichikura Hiroshi
Composition: Kanno Yoko
Arrangement: Kannon Yoko

Even if the world is tough
You have lots of dreams, right?
Vitamins for you, rainbow-colored
Carrot loves you yeah!

Someday you’ll reach the future
Your body mustn’t lose, right?
Rev up your engine, rainbow-colored
Carrot loves you yeah!

Risking your life in love and work, too
But you love it, right? It’s sprouting, right?
That’s vital, rainbow-colored
Carrot loves you yeah!

Let’s go, space is waiting
For you, right? You’re not afraid
Who’s your foe? Rainbow-colored
Carrot loves you yeah!


Tatoe sekai ga tsurakute mo
Yume ga aru desho iroiro to
Kimi ni bitamin nana-iro
Ninjiin loves you yeah!

Itsuka mirai ni tadoritsuku
Makecha dame desho sono karada
Fukase enjin nana-iro
Ninjiin loves you yeah!

Koi mo shigoto mo inochigake
Dakedo suki desho moeru desho
Sore ga kanjin nana-iro
Ninjiin loves you yeah!

Iku zo uchuu ga matte iru
Kimi no koto desho kowakunai
Teki wa nannin nana-iro
Ninjiin loves you yeah!

3 commenti:

franco ha detto...

anche se comprendiamo la difficoltà di rispolverare correttamente la madrelingua, sarebbe gradita anche una traduzione in Italiano
Franco & M.G.

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